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Werewolf Legends

Werewolf Legends

The werewolf is a mythological animal and the subject of many stories throughout the world—and more than a few nightmares. Werewolves are, according to some legends, people who morph into vicious, powerful wolves. Others are a mutant combination of human and wolf. But all are bloodthirsty beasts who cannot control their lust for killing people and animals.

Early Werewolf Legends

It’s unclear exactly when and where the werewolf legend originated. Some scholars believe the werewolf made its debut in The Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest known Western prose, when Gilgamesh jilted a potential lover because she had turned her previous mate into a wolf.

Werewolves made another early appearance in Greek mythology with the Legend of Lycaon. According to the legend, Lycaon, the son of Pelasgus, angered the god Zeus when he served him a meal made from the remains of a sacrificed boy. As punishment, the enraged Zeus turned Lycaon and his sons into wolves.

Werewolves also emerged in early Nordic folklore. The Saga of the Volsungs tells the story of a father and son who discovered wolf pelts that had the power to turn people into wolves for ten days. The father-son duo donned the pelts, transformed into wolves and went on a killing rampage in the forest. Their rampage ended when the father attacked his son, causing a lethal wound. The son only survived because a kind raven gave the father a leaf with healing powers.

Infamous Werewolves

Many so-called werewolves from centuries ago were in fact serial killers, and France had its fair share. In 1521, Frenchmen Pierre Burgot and Michel Verdun allegedly swore allegiance to the devil and claimed to have an ointment that turned them into wolves. After confessing to brutally murdering several children, they were both burned to death at the stake. (Burning was thought to be one of the few ways to kill a werewolf.)

Giles Garnier, known as the “Werewolf of Dole,” was another sixteenth-century Frenchman whose claim to fame was also an ointment with wolf-morphing abilities. According to legend, as a wolf he viciously killed children and ate them. He too was burned to death at the stake for his monstrous crimes.

Whether Burgot, Verdun or Garnier were mentally ill, acted under the influence of a hallucinogenic substance or were simply cold-blooded killers is up for debate. But it likely didn’t matter to superstitious Europeans during the 16th century. To them, such heinous crimes could only be committed by a horrific beast such as the werewolf.

The Bedburg Werewolf

Peter Stubbe, a wealthy, fifteenth-century farmer in Bedburg, Germany, may be the most notorious werewolf of them all. According to folklore, he turned into a wolf-like creature at night and devoured many citizens of Bedburg.

Peter was eventually blamed for the gruesome killings after being cornered by hunters who claimed they saw him shape-shift from wolf to human form. He experienced a grisly execution after confessing under torture to savagely killing animals, men, women and children—and eating their remains. He also declared he owned an enchanted belt that gave him the power to transform into a wolf at will. Not surprisingly, the belt was never found.

Peter’s guilt is controversial since some people believe he wasn’t a killer but the victim of a political witch hunt—or perhaps a werewolf-hunt. Either way, the circumstances surrounding his life and death stoked rampant fears at the time that werewolves were on the loose.

The Shape-Shifter as Werewolf

Some legends maintain werewolves shape-shifted at will due to a curse. Others state they transformed with the help of an enchanted sash or a cloak made of wolf pelt. Still others claim people became wolves after being scratched or bit by a werewolf.

In many werewolf stories, a person only turns into a wolf when there’s a full moon—and that theory may not be far-fetched. According to a study conducted at Australia’s Calvary Mater Newcastle hospital, a full moon brings out the “beast” in many humans. The study found that of the 91 violent, acute behavior incidents at the hospital between August 2008 and July 2009, 23 percent happened during a full moon.

Patients attacked staff and displayed wolf-like behaviors such as biting, spitting and scratching. Although many were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time, it’s unclear why they became intensely violent when the moon was full.

Are Werewolves Real?

The werewolf phenomenon may have a medical explanation. Take Peter the Wild Boy, for instance. In 1725, he was found wandering naked on all fours through a German forest. Many thought he was a werewolf or at least raised by wolves.

Peter ate with his hands and couldn’t speak. He was eventually adopted by the courts of King George I and King George II, and lived out his days as their “pet” in England.

Research has shown Peter likely had Pitt-Hopkins syndrome, a condition discovered in 1978 that causes lack of speech, seizures, distinct facial features, difficulty breathing and intellectual challenges.

Other medical conditions that may have encouraged werewolf-mania throughout history are:

  • lycanthropy (a rare, psychological condition that causes people to believe they’re changing into a wolf or other animal)
  • food poisoning
  • hypertrichosis (a rare, genetic disorder causing excessive hair growth)
  • rabies
  • hallucination, possibly caused by hallucinogenic herbs

Throughout the centuries, people have used werewolves and other mythic beasts to explain the unexplainable. In modern times, however, most believe werewolves are nothing more than pop culture horror icons, made famous thanks to Hollywood’s 1941 flick, The Wolf Man.

Still, werewolves have a cult following, werewolf sightings are reported each year, and werewolf legends will likely continue to haunt the dreams of people throughout the world.


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How Did Werewolf Legends Start?

Most myths and legends have some basis in fact. Take the legends of the werewolf, for example. This half-man, half-wolf monster is said to go on killing rampages, slaughtering its victims with vicious, horrific attacks. Despite the romantic version of werewolves Hollywood and young adult novels are showing us, stories of werewolf attacks happened after barbaric murders. Were these attacks done by an ordinary wolf, by a psychotic human, or by a true human-wolf hybrid? Let’s look at the long history of werewolf legends.

Werewolves: The Legend of Lycanthropy

The werewolf is a mythological animal and the subject of many stories throughout the world&mdashand more than a few nightmares. Werewolves are, according to some legends, people who morph into vicious, powerful wolves. Others are a mutant combination of human and wolf. But all are bloodthirsty beasts who cannot control their lust for killing people and animals.

It&rsquos unclear exactly when and where the werewolf legend originated. Some scholars believe the werewolf made its debut in The Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest known Western prose, when Gilgamesh jilted a potential lover because she had turned her previous mate into a wolf.

Werewolves made another early appearance in Greek mythology with the Legend of Lycaon. According to the legend, Lycaon, the son of Pelasgus, angered the god Zeus when he served him a meal made from the remains of a sacrificed boy. As punishment, the enraged Zeus turned Lycaon and his sons into wolves.

Werewolves also emerged in early Nordic folklore. The Saga of the Volsungs tells the story of a father and son who discovered wolf pelts that had the power to turn people into wolves for ten days. The father-son duo donned the pelts, transformed into wolves and went on a killing rampage in the forest. Their rampage ended when the father attacked his son, causing a lethal wound. The son only survived because a kind raven gave the father a leaf with healing powers. (Continue reading from The History Channel)

Gilles Garnier, 1573, The Werewolf of Dole

Werewolves.com reports that Gilles Garnier lived outside the French town of Dole and was essentially a hermit.

A while after Garnier’s residence began, children from the town began to disappear or to turn up dead, mutilated and dissected.

Local law authorities concluded it must be the work of a werewolf and encouraged the citizenry to be on the lookout for, and to hunt, the wolf. A group of men from near Dole were doing just that when they spotted what appeared to be a werewolf looming over the body of a child.

When they came close enough, they saw that it wasn’t a wolf, it was the hermit, Garnier. Likely after torture, he confessed at his trial, saying he had been visited by a ghost or demon which had given him an ointment that would turn him into a wolf.

Werewolf. Photo by Martin Grondin CC BY SA 2.0

He confessed to killing and eating several children who had ventured into the woods and said he shared the meat with his wife. Garnier was found guilty of witchcraft and lycanthropy and was burned at the stake.

Werewolves: Lore, Legend & Lycanthropy

Werewolves (literally "man-wolves") are shape-shifting creatures with unusual speed, strength, reflexes, and senses. They can be found in countless books, films, and television shows, from the horror classic, "The Wolf Man," to the "Twilight" and "Underworld" series. Though werewolves often play second fiddle to vampires and zombies in terms of pop culture man-monsters, they have a long and rich history.

Creating werewolves

Traditionally, there were several ways that a person could become a werewolf. In her book "Giants, Monsters, and Dragons," folklorist Carol Rose notes that "In ancient Greece it was believed that a person could be transformed by eating the meat of a wolf that had been mixed with that of a human and that the condition was irreversible." Centuries later other methods were said to create werewolves, including "being cursed, or by being conceived under a new moon, or by having eaten certain herbs, or by sleeping under the full moon on Friday, or by drinking water that has been touched by a wolf." It was also widely believed that werewolves could dress in a special, protective wolf skin, though they had to remove it at daybreak and hide it. If their magical pelt was found and taken from the werewolf-in-human-form, he or she could be killed.

A similar theme appears in the Scottish and Irish folklore of the selkies &mdash creatures who spend their lives in the cold ocean as seals, but can change into human form by shedding their pelts. If they do so, they must hide their pelts for if they are found they can't change back into seals and must live on land with the fishermen who possess their skins.

Though the full moon was originally only one of many possible causes of lycanthropy, it was the one that stuck in the public's mind. Today, many people still associate the moon with werewolves and madness. Some who work in police and emergency medical services have anecdotally claimed that full moon nights are busier, crazier, and more dangerous than other nights. This perception may be rooted more in psychology and imagination than reality: carefully controlled studies have not found good evidence supporting this idea. Furthermore, there is no known mechanism by which the moon would somehow influence a person's mind to make him or her more dangerous &mdash except of course for their own imaginations and expectations.

'Real' werewolves

Today, werewolves are known to be mythical creatures found in fiction instead of lurking in the dark woods, but that was not always the case. Not so long ago, belief in werewolves was common. Overall, there was little difference between the killings and activities of wolves and werewolves: both would hunt at night, attacking sheep or livestock, and sometimes humans. The main difference was, of course, that the werewolf changed into human form at some point.

There are several medical conditions that can mimic the appearance of a werewolf and may have contributed to early belief in the literal existence of the creatures. One is hypertrichosis, which creates unusually long hair on the face and body a second condition, porphyria, is characterized by extreme sensitivity to light (thus encouraging its victims to only go out at night), seizures, anxiety, and other symptoms. Neither of these rare conditions turns anyone into a werewolf, of course, but centuries ago when belief in witches, vampires, and magic was common it didn't take much to spawn werewolf stories.

Clinical lycanthropy is a recognized medical condition in which a person believes himself or herself to be an animal, and indeedthere are rare cases where people have claimed to be werewolves. For example in 1589, a German man named Peter Stubbe claimed to own a belt of wolfskin that allowed him to change into a wolf: His body would bend into a lupine form his teeth would multiply in his mouth and he craved human blood.

Stubbe claimed to have killed at least a dozen people over 25 years &mdash though his confession was made under difficult circumstances: After prolonged torture (including chunks of his flesh being ripped out with heated pinchers, and his limbs being crushed with stones) he was decapitated on Halloween 1589, and his headless body burned at the stake. There was no real evidence of his crimes other than his confession, and it seems likely that Stubbe was mentally ill and delusional.

Stubbe was far from alone. In the Middle Ages werewolves were thought to mostly be created by witches, and the two became closely associated. Just as tens of thousands of accused witches were put to death (usually in gruesome and sadistic ways), tens of thousands of accused werewolves were similarly dispatched.

Because lycanthropy was seen as a curse, werewolves were often thought of as victims as much as villains. The transformation from man to wolf was said to be tortuous (recall such scenes in the film "An American Werewolf in London"), and many sought cures for real and imagined symptoms. "Traditionally, there are three principal ways in which a werewolf can be scourged of his demons," writes Ian Woodward in "The Werewolf Delusion." "He may be cured medicinally and surgically he may be exorcised and, the most drastic, he may be shot with a special bullet" &mdash typically a silver bullet. When the medicinal and surgical cures were attempted, they involved lots of bloodletting, vomiting, and vinegar drinking. In fact, Woodward notes, "So severe, so brutal, were the cures advocated by early medical practitioners that, not surprisingly, a great many werewolfic patients died by the hands of those who promised them salvation." [Countdown: Medieval Torture's 10 Biggest Myths]

While werewolves are the best-known shape-shifters they are not the only were-animals said to exist around the world. Others include were-foxes, were-dogs, were-tigers, were-snakes, were-hares, were-bears and even were-crocodiles. Of course, wolves are more threatening than dogs and foxes there's a reason why most werewolf films are scary and "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" was a comedy. Like vampires, werewolves have been around for millennia, and nothing short of a silver bullet is likely to stop it from being around millennia more.

Deadly Wolves

In Norse legend, Tyr (also Tiw) is the one-handed warrior god. and he lost his hand to the great wolf, Fenrir. When the gods decided Fenrir had been causing too much trouble, they decided to put him in shackles. However, Fenrir was so strong that there was no chain that could hold him. The dwarves created a magical ribbon–called Gleipnir–that even Fenrir couldn’t escape. Fenrir was no fool and said he'd only allow himself to be tied with Gleipnir if one of the gods was willing to stick a hand in Fenrir's mouth. Tyr offered to do it, and once his hand was in Fenrir's mouth, the other gods tied Fenrir so he couldn’t escape. Tyr's right hand got bitten off in the struggle. Tyr is known in some stories as the "Leavings of the Wolf."

The Inuit peoples of North America hold the great wolf Amarok in high regard. Amarok was a lone wolf and did not travel with a pack. He was known for preying upon hunters foolish enough to go out at night. According to legend, Amarok came to the people when the caribou became so plentiful that the herd began to weaken and fall sick. Amarok came to prey upon the frail and ill caribou, thus allowing the herd to become healthy once more, so that man could hunt.


Karl Bartsch

Werewolf legends are well known. According to them, many people possessed the power to transform themselves into wolves by putting on a wolf belt. They would then roam about at night attacking their enemies or their enemies' cattle.

In Fahrenholz in the year 1682 a number of people were accused of being able to transform themselves into wolves and were put on trial.

Only thirty years ago [in the 1840's] numerous examples of this kind of magic were related in all children's rooms, although there have been no wolves in Mecklenburg for more than one hundred years. This proves how widespread these legends formerly must have been.

Beyer, in the Meklenburgische Jahrbücher (20, 161), states that "So far as I remember, in my youth I only heard of male werewolves, never females. However, in other regions gender makes no difference."

A man possessed a wolf belt, that is, he had the ability to transform himself into a wolf (werewolf). Once the huntsmen organized a fox hunt and had placed a dead horse in the woods as bait for the foxes. The werewolf went there and was eating from the horse. The huntsmen surprised him and shot at him. He fled, and when they went to the house of the man they suspected of being a werewolf, they found him in bed with a bullet wound.

A young woman whose husband was often unexplainably absent came to the suspicion that he was a werewolf.

One day both were working in the field. The man again left his wife. Suddenly a wolf came forth from the bushes, ran toward her, grabbed her red woolen skirt with its teeth and shook her back and forth. With screams and blows from her hay fork she drove him away.

Soon afterward her husband emerged from the same bushes into which the wolf had disappeared. She told him of her frightening experience. He laughed, thereby revealing the red woolen threads from her skirt that were stuck between his teeth.

She reported him to the judge, and he was burned to death.

A woodcutter was working in the forest with his brother. The latter went away, and soon thereafter a wolf came out of the nearby bushes. The woodcutter wounded him on his right front leg with his ax, and the wolf retreated howling.

That evening when the woodcutter returned home he found his brother in bed with his right arm hidden beneath the covers. Only after repeated threats would he reveal his arm, and on it was the same wound that the woodcutter had given to the wolf.

He reported his brother, who was burned to death.

    Source: Karl Bartsch, Sagen, Märchen und Gebräuche aus Meklenburg (Wien: Wilhelm Braumüller, 1879), v. 1, no. 182, pp. 147-148.

Haunting History: 5 of the Best Werewolf Legends

For most, the love for werewolves sprang from a classic horror film or a supernatural TV show, but for me, it was in a history book. There are countless werewolf myths and legends throughout the world from the days when people once believed in the paranormal. Those are the tales I love. Werewolf lore is my passion. There are so many spectacular and eerie werewolf legends, but below are some of my favorites.

(click titles for more detailed info)

The Werewolf of Death
I love the myth of Luison, it’s so perfectly eerie. Luison is a creature from Guaraní mythology. He is part wolf, part human and smells of death and decay. He is lord of death and protector of cemeteries.

The Lycanthropous Stream
There is an old legend that tells of a magical stream that can transform an individual into a werewolf. The legend appears to be European in origin, but beyond that there’s very little information on it. That’s part of my love for this myth – the mystery of it. Does this magical stream really exist? And if so, where is it? It reminds me of the fountain of youth.

How to Become a Werewolf
According to folklore, there are many ways to become a werewolf. I find it amazing that hundreds of years ago people genuinely believed these things. Like, eating the brain of a wolf would make you a werewolf, or being born on Christmas Eve made you a werewolf, or not going to confession for 10 years. So SO many! And people actually believed this stuff! It’s fascinating.

Marching Werewolves
This is another mysterious legend, one that I desperately wish I knew more about. It tells the tale of a group of wicked humans who are drawn from their homes and forced to march throughout town, losing their human forms on the way and transforming into a wolves. After 12 days have passed they become human again. I highly suggest reading the full legend (click the title), it’s different.

Bleeding Medicine
I love the history of this tale. It mixes superstitious beliefs with old medical beliefs. It’s fantastic! Remember learning about bleeding a person in history class? Doctors thought that to cure someone of their illness they simply had to drain that person of blood. Being bleed was once a common practice and one with ties to werewolves.

And there you have it werewolf lovers. 5 of my favorite werewolf myths and legends. I have MANY more favorites, but I’ll stop myself here. What do you think of these old folktales?

History of Shape-shifting Legends and Folklore

half man half wolf. also known as the Aswang

Shape shifting, or the act of one species taking on the full or partial form of another for a period of time, has its place in many legends throughout history. Cave drawings discovered in Ariege, France have images of half animal/half human creatures, giving way to the knowledge that these types of legends go back even farther than once thought. Where did these legends come from? Indeed why was it believed that either by will or involuntarily, a person could change forms? With all that we know now of the physical impossibility of such a thing, why do people still believe there are those who may walk normally among the human race that have the ability to take on animal like characteristics?

The legends of shape-shifting are varied as far as the type of animal a person becomes. In rare cases, the belief for some is so strong that it actually gave birth to a diagnosable condition for those who think they can transform into a half human-half animal creature. It was said to generally accompany such mental illnesses as schizophrenia and manic depression and included symptoms of what was described as full blown psychosis. Hallucinations, and changes in gait and facial expressions were noted. Ironically, though the condition has the reputation of being associated with the belief in werewolves (half human/half wolf), the actual documented cases had a larger variety of animals mentioned.

Zeus turning Lycaon into a wolf, engraving by Hendrik Goltzius.

There are some who hold the belief that ‘lycanthropy’ is science’s way of explaining what can not be–and that is the connection between the human beings and others in the animal species. Let’s look at some of the history and how far back these legends go. While none of it is proof of anything definitive, it shows a deep belief that there were many sides to a human’s spirit, and part of that included animals. Each legend varies as far as what causes a person to be able to shape-shift and some say not all are willing. Whether it is looked at as a gift or a curse it is certainly interesting how long the legends have been around.

Theriacephaly, or a human having an animal head goes back to many of the ancient mythologies such as Anubis in the Egyptian legends who was said to have the head of a jackal. There are even Eastern Orthodox references to Saint Christopher having the head of a dog and of course many in modern Wicca pay homage to the Horned God. From all of these stories comes the definitive message that man and animal are deeply connected.

Cultures and legends of shape shifting

Norse legend speaks of the 'berserkers'

Norse legend speaks of the ” (yes this is where the word came from), who were warriors that came to battle allegedly dressed in the skin of a bear. These men would work themselves up into a furious rage leading to fighting in a frenzy until the battle was over. While these were not shape-shifters in the classical sense, they were a representation of the man/animal connection. It was said that when they entered battle without any suits of armor other than the animal skins, fighting with the strength of a wild bear.

In the pre-Columbian Americas in the areas that now make up Mexico and Costa Rica there were the legends of the Nagual. These were said to be people who could actually transform into a dog or hyena, but could also come in the forms of more powerful animals. These powers were considered magical and anyone who had the ability to shift into an animal was considered highly favored by the gods and were usually the religious leaders of the village.

Skin-walkers are a large part of the folklore of the nations indigenous to what is now the United States. In these legends, the person could turn into an animal at will, but only if they were wearing a pelt of the animal at the time. In the Navajo nation, the yee naaldlooshii has the literal translation of “one who walks on all fours”. The belief is based in Navajo ancient magic and it is thought that many of them had evil intent. As a matter of fact, in some Navajo cultures it is believed that when one of these people who some would call ‘witches’ attained a level of evil known as clizyati, which often resulted in the murder of one of their family members. Skin-walkers are regarded as those who achieved such a high level of priesthood or religious belief that it literally drove them insane–believed to be doomed to walking the earth filled with hate and revenge.

Hindu folklore includes the tale of the Ichchadhari Nag. This one takes a

Anubis the body of a man and the head of a dog

different turn from the usual human-to-animal transformation and instead describes a snake that can appear in any desired form, often that of a human. Legend says that this creature holds an extremely valuable jewel that if anyone attempted to steal it they would be felled by a poisonous bite. The musical instrument of the snake charmer known as the Been or the pungi can be used to control the Ichchadhari Nag. This creature has gone on to be a popular character in comics and fiction.

There are other legends of shape-shifting that simply involve humans taking on a more monstrous or exaggerated form. In Japanese mythology, the Rokurokubi are creatures that have fully human forms by day but at night can transform their necks and upper body to gigantic proportions. This form is thought to be evil in nature even if the human form is basically good. It was said some were not even aware of their nightly walks.

Modern Beliefs About Shape Shifting

The modern religion of Wicca stems from many of the pagan beliefs of ancient times. The religion itself is relatively new but the basic concepts and beliefs have been around thousands of years before the birth of Christ. The practices of shape-shifting are recognized in varying types, some of which have more to do with a state of consciousness than actual physical transformations. In consciousness shape-shifting, the idea that two or more people focusing on the same outcome can in effect cause it to happen. Another type of shape shifting, known as integration, (or channeling) is when someone believes they can focus on an object, another person, or animal and become one with it’s soul. None of this is proven of course, but it shows the modern turn this belief has taken. The transformation from human into animal is not lost completely in modern practices, however it is more symbolism than a tangible experience.

deathbed of a witch slash shape shifter.

Of course popular fiction stories have kept the werewolf alive for many decades. Lon Chaney’s “Wolf Man” and the Twilight series character of Jacob have brought a sad romanticism to what most would say is a fearsome creature. In the Hollywood version of the shape-shifting werewolf adds an element of wistfulness in the character. They usually do not desire to change into a wolf as it is usually part of either a curse or familial descent taking away their choices. In these stories, any harm that is done is unintentional, however the lack of control when they are in animal form is emphasized.

Is there any truth to the legends? Other than the interesting ancient cave art and the many legends and myths carried by word of mouth, there is no definitive proof. It is however an interesting reflection on humankind as a whole and the relationship with animals. Both man and beast can be either predator or prey and their connection defies any that exist in the animal ‘food chain’. Whether the legends are simply representations of a human/animal bond or actual re-telling of events is a matter of belief without proof to back it up. It is however a fascinating look into another mystery that goes back to ancient times and has somehow managed to remain a topic of interest.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2012 BestOfAllTopics.com

The Werewolf Handbook: An Essential Guide to Werewolves and, More Importantly, How to Avoid Them

Werewolves are more popular than ever–thanks largely to recent film hits–and this highly entertaining new title tells readers everything they’ve ever wanted to know about those terrifying preternatural members of the canis lupus family. Newcomers to werewolf lore will be surprised to learn that there are many different werewolf varieties.

Alphas are the leaders, and Betas are unwilling but deadly members of a werewolf pack. But there are also Benandanti, holy men who change into wolves in order to do battle with witches . . . and Loup-garoux, werewolves who can change from man to wolf even during daylight hours. The more ordinary werewolves achieve their terrible transformations from man to beast only by the light of the Moon.

Author Robert Curran also notes that Christopher, the mysterious saint venerated in the Roman Catholic Church, has many werewolf characteristics. In addition, this book tells readers where werewolves live, describes their telltale traits, such as hairy palms, advises on how to avoid becoming a werewolf, and gives tips on what werewolf victims should do when they are attacked. More than 100 moody and atmospheric color illustrations accompany this intensely readable text.

K I’m from da laguna tribe n I’m from da wolf clan n just before my great grandfather past away he said dat all people from our clan can turn into wolves but only full blooded Native Americans can n not part or half blooded natives but when my cuz turned 20 my uncles n grandfathers did this very sacred tradition dat white black or any other race can never ever know about but after my cuz was done there were things changed about him like hearing strength diet n a lil bit buff n my grandfather said soon my time will come soon when I turn 20 or 19 it depends

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It’d be nice to get back what those “white devils” (as a distant cousin called them) stole from us.

PLEASE it would bring great pride back to us (even if there are only like 3 of us who are still unwatered down in our lineage).

I am part Cherokee mostlikly 50 % because my grandmother on my mothers side was Cherokee she was in the Aniwaya clan I have lots of dreams of me turning into a werewolf and seeing the full moon last night 6/18/2014 that night I had a dream about me looking at 2 full moons and then turning into a werewolf I really need help to understand these dreams im having some one please reply

Perhaps you were ready to change. I’ve had similar dreams around when I was 12. Its hard to accept knowing you are different. These have been my struggles. But deep down im a wolf and i know that i can change. I dont change on full moons.lol.I know it has been a year and no one has talked about it with you. Our werewolf experiences are different. There’s not a whole lot to explain. But there is a lot we can’t explain. Authorities hide a lot of the answers. All you have to do is keep to yourself. I’m Cherokee and Blackfoot.you’re not alone. If you have passed on without these dreams then dont worry. But you’ll only know if you are one if you have the instincts of a wolf. Its the only way to accept who you really are.

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If you make any comparrison to twilight when speaking of being a werewolf youre full of shit and should probably do your research. Twilight werewolves arent even close to what the native legends say about a werewolf which is more appropriately known as skinwalkers.

I don’t care what people says I think wolves are the most beautiful creatures in this world MALES AND FEMALES

When I was 34 I had a dream of vampires chasin me and behind the vampires there was 4 wolves chasin the vampires that was trin to get me….. What does that means cause now I had to have a dream catcher so I won’t have those dreams. Then I put my dream catcher away and now and even I have dreams of a wolf or 2. 4 or 5 years ago I had a dream of my ex boyfriend bein murder by a guy and she is full blood cherokee and when I went back home I find out it really happen

B. Vampires or supernaturals (probably vamps or werewolves themselves)

II don’t care whant if people believes or not. I think wolves are the most beautiful creatures in this world.MALES AND FEMALES… :) Of all the animals in the world its they eyes I love lookin in their eyes. They have the beautiful soul and what I see in their they soul is love and kind.

Mohawk are a nation, not a tribe. I think the plains natives out west are the only ones that use the word “tribe”. If you’re even a tad bit native do us all a favor and stop using the word “indian”. Indians live in India. Let’s not encourage one man’s ignorant mistake (looking at you Columbus). I’ve never heard/read the words “limmikin” or “yenaloosi” in the Mohawk language, it’s not in our vocabulary, but perhaps in a different nation’s tongue. As for skinwalkers… they were/are feared, yes. Evil? No more evil then an actual wolf, I believe. It might depend on the individual. And clans are a family thing. I know some wolf clan, they are swift runners, lol but probably not skinwalkers or werewolves. I’m just saying that being apart of the wolf clan doesn’t guarantee you to be anything supernatural. It’s attributable, just as most bear clan are fierce and large in stature and most turtle clan are short and patient. Do skinwalkers and werewolves exist? I hold out hope. It’s neat to see so many people are interested in this though.

All I know is that my grandfather is full blooded cheeroke. Ever since I was 13 I have had dreams of my granny an grandpa dying an they did soon after I started having those dreams. According to my mother our first ancestor in the tribe was a witch doctor.. But my great aunt just says to me that I need to control my anger she says I can’t let it out. Y? I don’t know. When I was fourteen some kid told me that one day I will inherit my tribal promise. What that is I don’t know. Im confused yes. Bc lately round the darkest time of the night I wiill get extremely pissed over ntn my brothers keep calling me a demon bc at night my eyes have a redish tint to them an if im pissed they glow red. I told my great aunt an all she said was for me to watch my anger. What is going on I don’t care I just want it to be over.

I don’t know what to say to you

its never over as far as seeing future events go I’m not sure your a werewolf my fellow man but being half Cherokee myself not sure if that has anything to do with it or not but I have dreams and when I tell people they think I’m crazy till it happens so find a way to use it to your advantage

witchdoctors were almost always shapeshifters so yeah buddy your somethin (and if I’m correct they were usually the alpha so it’s your lucky day).

were you good at sports and all around unusually fit.

you could also have the powers of a witch or you can be any type of other shape shifter (because your side effects are found with being a werewolf, but being a werebear, fox, cyote are a mystery).

Christian and Don,
I have some of the same questions also due to recent experiences because I am worried for my family. Does this only apply to those of Cherokee descent? I am not a “wannabe”, nor am I attempting to make a joke of something serious. I know this happens. But what I don’t understand is why someone I love so much has to take off so frequently to be with nature, discuss shape shifting etc. Maybe I am just not meant to understand all the rituals and “disappearances” since I am not Indiginous, however I really need some insight so I can better understand things that have happened in my life the past two years.

When I was round thirteen I went to my father an I told him that I saw granny dying couple months later she died the exact same way I dreamed for that I was blamed an he gave me up calling me demon he said I was a killer an pretty much he up to dcs after beating the shit outa me. He tried to force me into Catholicism but I wouldn’t go I became interested n native legends I have anger issues yes. I was put on medication for sleep an other shit all ik is that if I go to sleep pissed off I dream of Somone dying an they do. Bc of that im afraid to sleep. Lately round night im pissed an my foster brothers keep freaking out bc my eyes glow a reddish tint even n the daylight they r slightly red. What is happening idk I just want answers an I need them. Im part cheeroke. That’s all ik. My aunt is full blood cheeroke an all she say to me is that I need to control my anger before something happens y?

I’m part cheeroke to and I have dreams like that to sometimes listen to your aunt you must be a werewolf then

I have a native American heritage as well but I don’t know what tribe. I often have repeating dreams and those are the ones that come true. I also tend to get gut feelings alot and they’re always right, but I know that I’m not a wolf

and even though jesus is the way he shouldnt have said, did or called you those things because you are not any of those you are a creation of god and he told me to tell you no matter what things you were born with your still a human in his eyes and HE. LOVES. YOU.

Your father shouldn’t have forced you into catholicsm especially because there not really doing his will right now (you should’ve chose for yourself, and I hope the damage is has tried to inflic upon your soul will not harden your heart to the point when you shut out god or simply believe he’s not real, they were when it started it out but got greedy and controlling and the actual church had to seperate and go underground as a lot of different sects and some sects got confused and others stayed true.

Just to quel some of your confusion Don hoped it helped and buddy…
keep trucking till you find your pack or a good church or both keep livin things will get better :).

Really? My eyes have reddish tinge to them ESP at night my foster brothers keep freaking out bc they do that. An if im extremely pissed an I try to hide my anger they turn red an theyjust give me cigs to calm down. Idk yes im confused an bc of this I’ve had to let go of the woman I’ve always loved an since I’ve done that my eyes have a permanent red spot sitting round the pupil. An they grow larger when im pissed an at night… They grow larger an my pupils widen along wit them y? Y do they do that? I remember when I was fourteen I met this dude who claimed he was a werewolf an said I was one too. Shortly after he told me he died.. Authorities say it was a car accident but I was told by his family that he had a bullet hole n his head. He always told me he was being chased an said that I will inherit my tribal heritage. Im part cheeroke so I have no clue. I just found out… What does this mean? I need answers can anyone give them to me?

my eyes are red and I’m a werewolf so all I can say is stay away from them for know

ATWOK was probably hunting your guy you met and your trying to suppress your wolf side with drugs BAD IDEA (it’ll keep coming back stronger and stronger until you kill yourself from possible overdose or lose control and rampage) just embrace it find a pack and next time you feel your uncontrollable anger (transformation possibly) find a secluded place and… let it out (a lot of it I’m sure your aware is probably hurt and loss from your life, so letting go where your alone where there’s no one to judge you and you can be your true self with help with the anger. You can be the imfamous “alpha born” werewolf thats why your symptoms are so strong and the physical differences happen and show constantly.

I need to know if this stuff is real,im freaking out right now…

its totally real do you want to be a werewolf

I might just be human for now nut trust me I’m an alpha already and don’t you posers FOREGET IT (I don’t NEED a to be a wolf to be an alpha I’m alrwady one, I’m only waiting for the physical manifest (o|-)| )

Real Werewolfs Out There: I dont think he wants it he’s just another teen at his computer *STARTING TO MOVE TO THE NEXT COMMENT*

Yes I’ve read every possible ramification all the way to the first account in greek times, to the “hounds of god”, to the hellhound, to the different shifts to the spells and such and do I want it do I know what I’ll become *In a stupid, mocking voice*



THIS IS A CALL TO ALL WEREWOLF WHO “THINKS” THERE “ALPHA” ENOUGH TO DO IT (I’m calling both fake and real on their BS) (if your not then maybe your pack should have a TRUE WOLF LEAD XP) I CHALLENGE NOT ONLY YOU BUT YOUR WHOLE STINKING RACE. TURN ME OR RETREAT BACK TO FANTASY WHERE YOU BELONG, YOU FLONT IT WITH THE OCCATIONAL “oh I’m a werewolf I can transform, and run fast and scratch my own fleas yada yada yada” NO MATTER IF YOU THINK YOUR NOT… YOU ARE!


No REAL werewolf can resist this challenge of their pride and respect SO COME … I’m WAITING, WILLING AND ABLE |:)

I don’t mean to offend anybody, but there appears to be a lack of thought process when I see “do you want to be a werewolf?” Makes more sense to say it’s real and then list references to back that up rather than to give the skeptics another reason to laugh. And then leaving people like myself with giant question marks hanging over our heads.

Why the cross over the house? I went to Cheshire Coffee a few weeks ago after a trip to Close to Home (in southington) for sewing supplies. I live within a half hour.

I fell different to other people I know there is a wolf inside of me but I can’t help you

Most of the information in correct, but this topic is deeper then is portrayed.

Well if the some of you who claim to be real werewolves…. Thats just you wanting attention. I’m not trying to be mean at all but if you were a “real” werewolf, you wouldn’t at all be open about it.

I know how lame this sounds but I have the best were wolf stories you will ever hear only because it’s true

this story I’m about to share w you is no laughing matter nor fantasy but fact it all began before any of us had become in what is now known as fort Payne Alabama during the civil war a general name of Payne had brought his Calvary in 1 st Calvary the natives my ancestors the Cherokee was given a choice to fight for the general or die or leave on the trail of tears one brave I’ll call him red cloud red for short took up Payne on his shit of a offer and fought for him red was a fiercely admired brave of his clan and neighboring clan feared overall the others he was something totally different a battle broke out and red refused to use a gun he use a spears and hatchet he knew better than to let the paleface see the Hunter he was so he kept man form he had slain over sixty men in this battle without being harmed four days later about five in the afternoon another ambush occurred he faught killing more men but was slowly riddled with ball bullets a medical student that was drafted into Paynes crew saw red fall the general ordered that redcloud be taken care of for the general had grew fond of reds fearless tactics and as John is taking care of reds wounds in the heat of battle the doctor roughly pulling bullets from red’s body triggers red to lose control of his posure butting the young doctor’s hand as he tried pushing him on his side something was passed along to John and grew stronger and stronger on each hunters moon he knew he couldn’t be in population of others so he moved southwest of this fort sixty odd miles away on top of a mountain he had money from all his services and dealings from the locals he built a home with a caretakers house just south of his he ran a doctor’s office out of his house in 1991years and years later a family naught that home place and strange activities occurring at that old house in crossville still to this day I was born in the fountains hospital in ft Payne in 1986 I was severely disfigured born with a hole in my face my grandmother was full Cherokee she lived in the apartment across the street as time went on and my surgery was over I was skateboarding with my older brother and a friend when this creature walking upright covered in fur with glowing orange eyes steem coming from his mouth legs bent like that of a dog about seven ft maybe wearing a doctor’s coat walking from the hospital behind the apartment complex is about fifteen feet from us doing no harm to us we ran as fast as we could to get inside my dad moved us into the doctors old office and my grandmother later into the caretakers house I recently found out that doctor had traveled back and forth from mobile Alabama to crossville he had a wife and a litter of children eleven born on the same day June 22 none lived long still infants when they died

The constant discussion over the Twilight Saga as an example, or “proof” that these are facts then Facebook may be more appropriate for you. Taylor Lautner is not a Native actor and Robert Pattinson came into the acting scene in Harry Potter, for crying out loud! I already read some things, and before I share my own experience (which may provide answers for some of you, and vice versa) I will go through everything. I am not somebody with a ton of time on her hands, just looking for a place to relate to others who have similar experiences.

On a side note, those who are saying things such as “this sounds cool” or “I’d like to learn more, I believe in it!” This isn’t Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. I don’t mean to sound “nasty”, just firm regarding my point of view. For those who are serious, I will be happy to talk over email, Facebook, phone, etc. upon request. I am not giving personal info out right away, aside from the fact that I live in CT (by the woods, but not on the Mohegan or Pequot reservations).

Most of you have no idea what being a wolf is about. Love my Native bros out there, kicking some butt with the truth, and calling people out! I am Shawnee and Sauk. Our people have stories that go way back into history of the werewolf, but we do not talk about them much and we certainly do not share them with outsiders. There are several ways that a person can “shift”. For Angie, you may have a closeness with the wolf, it may be a spirit helper of some sort. I do not feel like you are a “werewolf”. Our people accept it for what it is, and we leave it alone. Kind of like the whole Sasquatch thing. Sasquatch has always been, and it has a purpose here. leave it alone. Always be careful about what you wish you were, or want to be… there are consequences to everything and “shapeshifting” is not something to be toyed with. You better have the power and the ancient knowledge before you go delving into something that you may regret. For those of you who are true wolves out there…love, peace, and kinship. For those of you who “think you may be a wolf”…you will know if you are. It is something that you are born with. Trace your heritage back, talk to elders of your family, see if someone has had similar instances. “Changing is a gift, and can also be a curse. With the good, always comes the bad…. Follow your hearts good people, and don’t forget to go howl at the moon! Love, light and peace to you all and good luck on your endeavors.

Susan do you know if you can be bitten and turned? I have heard you can :).

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